Yuno works loan: consumer credit at the best rate?

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Yuno offers a multitude of credits and payment solutions, including the Yuno works loan. Consumer credit with or without proof of project, this work loan allows for all types of development. Compare the APR rates for this loan with those offered by other major players in the sector.

The Yuno works loan in detail

The Yuno works loan in detail

The Yuno works loan is a consumer credit project on the organization’s site. It can be obtained with proof of completion or without, depending on your needs and the means used. The rates of the Yuno works loan with proof (order form, estimate) are generally more attractive than when the mYuno is used freely. Let us take stock of the main characteristics of this work / decoration credit:

  • Amount: $ 1,000 to $ 21,500 
  • Duration: 12 to 84 months
  • Fixed APR rate
  • Booking fees offered
  • Loan with or without proof of work
  • Credit with or without personal contribution

The proof of work corresponds to a quote or purchase order representing at least 70% of the amount borrowed.

Comparison of APR rates for Yuno works loan

Comparison of APR rates for Yuno works loan

The works loan is offered by credit organizations, but also banks and certain insurers. You have to use the APR rate to honestly compare two work loan offers. We have placed on the balance several of the best APR rates for work credit found on our comparator, in order to compare them with those offered by Yuno Bank. The simulations relate to a credit with proof of $ 8,000 over 24 months, and another of $ 15,000 in 48 monthly payments.

Simulation of work loan $ 8,000 over 24 months Fixed APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Best Credit Organization 1.70% 339.22 $ 141.28 $
Second best offer 2.00% 340.26 166,24 $
Yuno Bank offer 1.80% 339.57 $ 149.68 $
Simulation of work loan $ 15,000 over 48 months      
Best Credit Organization 2.70% 329.81 $  
Second best offer 3.30% 333.68 $ 1016.64 $
Yuno Bank 2.75% 330.14 $ 846.72 $

The APR rate for the Yuno Works loan is never the best, but is average. Using our credit comparator provides the best loan rates, but above all a favorable opinion. Our comparisons show that the Astro Finance works credit or the Cofidis works credit are regularly more attractive than that offered by Yuno.

The advantages of the Yuno works loan

The Yuno works loan has several advantages:

  • The policy response is immediate.
  • The works credit can be obtained 100% online, thanks to the electronic signature *.
  • Yuno provides a quick definitive answer, within 48 hours on average.

* Option reserved for existing customers, holding a credit product or a credit card.

Yuno Free Accord credit, ideal for small jobs?

Yuno Free Accord credit, ideal for small jobs?

The Yuno revolving credit, called “Free Agreement”, adapts well to small jobs, like a decorative credit project. This revolving credit is a small credit, generally less than $ 4,000. Its APR rate is higher than an Yuno work loan with or without proof, but the acceptance conditions are more flexible. It is concretely easier to obtain, because less demanding in term of supporting documents of credit. Here are the characteristics of the Free Agreement credit:

  • Small credit (100 $ to 5000 $) without proof of purchase. 
  • Easier to obtain than a conventional work loan.
  • The APR rates are high: repaying over short periods is preferable.
  • The mYuno available in the reserve is reusable.

Several department stores have trusted Yuno – a member of the Auchan group – to offer credit payments. A credit obtained with the Leroy Merlin card is for example attached to an Yuno revolving credit.

Good to know: The Yuno revolving credit contract will correspond to an adjustable APR rate. This means that it is subject to change, mainly when the mYuno available on the reserve is reused.

How to Apply for an Yuno Works Loan?

How to Apply for an Yuno Works Loan?

Applying for an Yuno works loan is simple and intuitive. Let’s take a look at how to do it step by step.

  1. On the organization’s website, indicate the “works / decoration” project.
  2. Answer the questions “am I a customer?” »* And« can I present proof? », Before indicating the desired amount and duration of repayment.
  3. Yuno displays an indicative APR rate based on the information.
  4. By clicking on “I’m going”, the consumer accesses the summary of the request. It only remains to specify the project (boiler credit, thermal insulation, renewable energy, works / decoration), and to indicate whether the credit is contracted alone or with a co-borrower.
  5. Once the request is submitted, Yuno provides an immediate response in principle.
  6. The electronic signature, reserved for existing customers, makes it possible to definitively validate the credit request. Non customers must receive or print the contract before sending it back by post.
  7. Yuno undertakes to provide a final response as soon as possible after receiving the signed contract, within 48 hours on average.

* A customer is a person who already has an Yuno credit contract, whether or not attached to a payment card.