Decorative credit: get the best decoration loan rate.

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Do you want to change, transform your kitchen, or simply completely redecorate a room? Decorative credit meets all these needs. Comparison of rates and advice to obtain the most suitable work loan for the situation.

What type of work for a decorative credit?

What type of work for a decorative credit?

The decorative credit belongs to the work loan family. You can request your decoration credit by selecting “work loan” on our credit comparator. The decorative credit covers both the purchase of equipment to redecorate a room and the intervention of a professional. In reality, to be able to benefit from the attractive decoration credit rates, the only obligation is to provide proof of the work.

Everything then becomes possible: redo a kitchen, a fireplace, a bathroom or even simply redo the whole living room. As long as you do a little bit of work and can provide an overall invoice. The decorative credit is therefore not a credit without proof. If you cannot provide it, you will have to use the personal loan.

It is a type of credit without proof of use of money. The APR rates are on the other hand slightly less attractive than those of the decorative credit via a works credit.

See the classification of works loan rates

To obtain the classification of the cheapest rates for a decorative credit, you will fill out a questionnaire which will allow us to give you the classification of the cheapest offers corresponding to your project. Our rankings are based on the APR rate, which is the legal benchmark for communication on consumer credit.

You can then decide to get an immediate answer in principle for each of these 3 organizations that offer the best decoration credit rates. We advise our customers to question at least 2 so as not to be left without a proposal if the cheapest credit is not accepted.

Save on your decoration credit

Save on your decoration credit

To understand the value of comparing the different decorative credit rates, we have chosen to give you an example. We took a credit of 10,000 USD over 60 months *, probably the most common decoration credit.

The cheapest fixed APR rate: 3.00% monthly payment: 179.51 USD total cost of credit: 770.60 USD.

Most expensive fixed APR rate: 6.07% monthly payment: 192.90 USD total cost of credit: 1,574.00 USD.

Or almost 800 USD difference for exactly the same decoration credit! And the most expensive organism is one of the best known that you regularly see advertised on television. This is something to think about.

* This survey was carried out in 2019.

Store decoration credit

Store decoration credit

It makes sense to ask the question of store credit when you start looking for decorative credit. Note that we have produced many files on most credit cards, and of course on FID store credit cards that can offer decorative credit. 

All these cards offer decoration credit in the form of revolving credit. However we recommend to our customers to be very careful with this type of decorative loan because apart from special payment offers, the rates are often around 20%. We have therefore set up within our comparator all the possibilities to find cheaper credit.

On the other hand, when you can find a promo rate for a decorative credit on this type of card, in general, the duration of the proposed credit is not very long. It is rare to exceed 30 months. This does not finance all the amounts of work.